Roots in Sweden? Help with genealogical research

Do you have roots in Sweden and need help with genealogical research or help to use Swedish sources/databases? The Genealogical Society of Sweden, founded in 1933, offers Genealogical Research Services. The fee for this service is based on the time needed for the research.

We tell you more in this short video (15 min).

We will help you finding your Swedish roots, your Swedish ancestry and of course, if you wish, any living relatives in Sweden. We have access to all Swedish genealogical resources, which are not available online or outside of Sweden, as well as digital archives, old research results and much, much more. We offer a wide range of services from full ancestral trees to just specific information regarding your immigrant (who he/she was, where they came from, how they lived etc).

When we get a request we always start with identifying the person in the church records to get an entry point to start with. We then judge the possibilities for delivering a result and send you an offer together with a fee estimation. In order for us to do the identification we need as much information as possible. For example all names, date and place of birth, parents, siblings etc.

Depending on complexity and also the time it may take to get material from other archives, the investigation takes everything from a couple of weeks to 5-6 weeks.

When the investigation is ready you will get a report with the information that has been found. If you wish, you can buy further investigation with a focus of your choice.
One copy of the research report will be stored in the library of Genealogical Society of Sweden.

Our research team is a group of volunteers, highly skilled and with long experience in genealogical research. They all work on a non-profit basis: – all income goes directly to The Genealogical Society and our great ”The Genealogists Archive”. The Genealogists Archive is owned by the Society and consists of a unique genealogical collection of books, documents, family trees etc. divided into a big library and a big archive.

You are very welcome with your request to our Research Team: research(at)